Long Bien Bridge Series // Tran Quoc Dung

For two years Tran Quoc Dung has been climbing the well-known Long Bien bridge, a historical remain of the French-Era in Hanoi, and captured this original series of photographs from the iconic landmark.

Born and raised in France, Dung settled in Vietnam in 2007 and has been working at the International French School in Hanoi for about 10 years. During this time he started capturing street scenes and travel shots whenever possible. Since then he sold some of his images to finance an NGO (School On The Boat) and then decided to focus on this project that combined his passions for climbing and photography. “An architect friend of mine saw my pictures and encouraged me to go one step further and work on a story. At that time I was living very close to the bridge and commuted across it everyday, carefully paying heed to the weather, the light and the people.” He climbed up there more than twenty times, at different hours and seasons, in order to capture a maximum of situations (and trains).

By portraying the 100 years-old bridge and maintaining a very light post-production process, without adding any overwhelming effect or color treatment, Dung intends “to restore original emotions by bringing up to everyone’s eyes a part of their own beauty.”

“Some Vietnamese friends told me that never had they seen the bridge in such beauty. There are no words to describe how satisfied I was by that statement. My work reached its goal.”

Dung says this project remains unfinished and that he’ll keep working on this global portrait of the bridge. “The work is led by the subject itself. I still don’t know how the Bridge will attract my eye through the camera…”

After several exhibitions in Hanoi, Dung’s images are finally available for purchase and commercial use here


Tran Quoc Dung