Hôtel de la Coupole – MGallery – image collection


Aaron Joel Santos



Hotel de la Coupole – MGallery



Sapa, Vietnam


Production & Post-Production:

NOI Pictures


With an air of nostalgia of the French Indochine era, Hotel de la Coupole fuses high-fashion glamour with colourful, hill tribe style. Aaron Joel Santos was sent to Sapa to create the first image collection of the hotel.

“The story for the Hotel de la Coupole is very much based in reality. Sapa was once a sleepy market town tucked between high peaks and verdant rice terraces, but in 1914 it became the summer capital for French colonists, seeking to escape the summer heat of the Red River Delta. This hotel tells the story of the second hotel built in Sapa, the Hotel de la Coupole, which was created by ten French architects. They created an enchanting masterpiece in the clouds, embellished with 50 shades of mustard! The DNA of the hotel comes from French Haute Couture and Sapa’s Hill Tribe fashion.”

“The hotel was inspired by French motifs du jour from 1914, when the French Civil Authority moved all of its offices to Sapa for the summer. To this french touch we added a Sapa twist – telling the story of the French living amongst the hill tribes in the early 1900s. The architects of who designed the hotel in 1914 decided to pay tribute to Vietnam and their French homeland through constant comparison between Parisian Haute Couture and traditional Hill Tribe garments.”

Bill Bensley, architect


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