Corporate Portraits for Rolls Royce & Vietnam Airlines


Matthew Dakin



Rolls Royce


Matthew Dakin made corporate portraits of the Vietnam Director of Rolls Royce, Ms. Tri-Mai Hoang, and the recently appointed CEO of Vietnam Airlines, Mr. Duong Tri Thanh.

The sessions took place in the executives’ respective headquarters around Hanoi requiring timely shoots made possible by the excellent organizational efforts of Rolls Royce and Vietnam Airlines plus a great production team. The images will be used for marketing and communication materials during the next…

As Matthew remarks: “Shooting this kind of portrait you never know how much time and interaction you will get. You might only get 3 minutes and a very guarded interaction. I can only be prepared as much as possible, start talking and shooting and see how the moment unfolds. Luckily both subjects were generous with their time, and as the shoot evolved, they engaged with the camera. In the end, I think my interest in them and their surroundings made them interested in the process of photographically portraying themselves.”