Copenhagen Delights Spring/Summer 2017

fashion, lifestyle

Matthew Dakin



Copenhagen Delights


Spring is here! And that means a new stylish collection from Copenhagen Delights and a fun-filled photo shoot!

It was a lively and hasty session, shot mainly at an outdoor cafe, and as photographer Matthew Dakin describes “The team had to work extremely fast, as we only had 4 hours of shooting before the cafe opened for lunch (normally we would take 7 hours to shoot this many outfits and kids).”

Everyone was prepared though to take on the challenges and they streamlined their shooting process to get the best shots as quickly as possible:

“To work fast we setup a studio background, then alternated between studio and lifestyle shots. At the same time we used only 1 mobile light for all the photos to make the setup efficient for each shot.” The kids were good sports as always and all that hard work paid off by the end of the shoot! “We finished the day early with the pool location, which maintained the kids energy levels and made the client happy.”